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What Does a Brand Designer Do?

Over the years, as a brand designer I’ve had a lot of people ask me what exactly it is that I do. At first, this question took me by surprise because I thought everyone knew about brand designers. For a long time, I explained what I did as logo design and website design. Imposter syndrome really had me down. Now, as a seasoned freelance designer, I understand the importance of explaining my services to people so here’s what a brand designer does and why you need us.

What’s a brand designer?

A brand designer helps a business develop a visual design that speaks to their customers. In order to capture your customer’s attention, you’ll need a unique logo design suite. Something that not only stands out but is easy to remember-that’s where a brand designer like myself would come in and really help you create something truly one of a kind.

What’s visual design?

Visual design aims to use typography, color theory, imagery, and other elements to create a design. The design can be digital or physical.

  • Logo

  • Instagram profile picture

  • Website

  • Social media content design

  • Package design

  • Marketing collateral

    • Flyers

    • Brochures

    • Banners

    • Stand signs

Why would someone need a brand designer?

Anyone looking to build a successful business should connect with the professional brand designer early in their business formation process.

When should I hire a brand designer?

You want to hire a brand designer before starting the brand design process. After speaking with a brand strategist or coach who can help you iron out your brand strategy details. When you come to a brand designer, you’ll want to already be familiar with your target audience and how you are going to use strategy to capture their attention and make them a repeat customer.

If you are looking for a professional brand designer to help you create a brand design that really captures your audience, I’d love to help you!

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Brittany, I love your energy. Your enthusiasm and heart-felt love for empowering clients is phenomenal!! You are believable!! Thank You.

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