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I Specialize in Brand Development,
Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation

I am currently working on my Google Certification in User Experience Designer (UX Design). This certification helps me better serve my clients because UX Designers, or other wise called visual designers, make design decisions with the client's end user in mind. Being a visual designer allows me to translate my client's values, goals and business mission into a design their end users love-because that's what's important. 

Visual Designer

I developed an interest in graphic design in 2011 as a senior at Brownsburg High School in Brownsburg, Indiana. My fascination with colors, patterns, typography continued into college when I majored in graphic design as a freshman at Indiana State University (ISU) in the fall of 2011. During my time at ISU, I studied color theory, art history, and modern design tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. Since then, I have continued my studies in graphic design. I started designing logos shortly after graduating college in 2016. I have since continued to sharpen my design skills by investing in courses and business coaches. 


Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Art Direction &

UX design.

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