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LaTresha Rená Salon & Spa

LaTresha Rená is an upscale salon and spa located in Flint, MI. I worked directly with the owner, LaTresha, to create an overall brand design that introduces customers to the luxury experience they're going to receive at the salon and spa. 


Print &Digital


LaTresha Rená




Logo design

The brand is an upscale beauty brand. The client asked for a logo design that can grow with the business and be the staple of the overall " LaTresha Renà" brand.

cream tube.png

This is a fictitious product design I created to go a long with the brand. The sleek look speaks to the overall luxury experience the brand gives its customers.

Product design


Digital design

A sub mark is a less detailed version of your primary logo that can be used as a secondary mark similar to a watermark. A logo sub mark allows for a more playful way to incorporate your branding into your designs. In the mock up, the sub mark is being used as the Instagram profile picture.


Alternate logo

An alternate logo is a shorter/smaller version of your main logo. Alternative logos are the variations of your main logo and it can be for example logo without the tagline, a stacked version, icon, badge and so on. In this case, the icon is in the background.

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